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home wof.

We offer a unique Home WOF inspection service that details repairs and maintenance your home requires via a comprehensive report. As a homeowner, you should regularly review the performance of your home. Like your car a home requires cleaning, maintenance and checks to make sure it remains in a safe and sound working order. Performance issues detected early can be repaired easily which
will avoid extensive and costly remedial work.

A Home WOF will highlight construction defects

including structural issues, instability, weather tightness, durability, workmanship and any gradual deterioration. It can also ensure all your product warranties are maintained if 

the home incurs a product failure.  

Our qualified team can then take care of all your maintenance and repairs required and put an annual maintenance schedule in place to ensure the ongoing care of your home or investment property.  

what's included?

The inspection of your home is conducted by one of our Qualified Builders who visually check and report on significant defects, attributes, gradual deterioration and any significant maintenance required. All Home WOF inspections will be visual and non-invasive meaning the structure will not be damaged.


The inspection report gives insight into potential issues and provides recommendations of any current works required. 
The inspection also ensures all product warranties are maintained if the home incurs a product failure during its warranty period.

Once the Home WOF is completed a Certificate of Inspection will be provided along with a report detailing the various areas of the home and including supporting images taken during the inspection.

We also provide a quote to carry out repairs and maintenance and any ongoing schedules of works. 

  • Inspect site drainage including checking stormwater sumps 

  • Check site structures such as retaining walls and fences

  • Visually check roof condition. 

  • Check external and internal gutters, rainwater heads and overflows. If easily accessible any debris will be removed during WOF inspection

  • Check all exterior joinery including head flashings sealants and general condition

  • Inspect all exterior joinery sill and drain holes looking for blockages

  • Check ground clearance around the house

  • Look for visual structural defects

  • Inspect condition of spouting and downpipes

  • Inspect the condition of the exterior cladding including any critical flashings and comment on the condition of paints, sealants, and surfaces

  • Inspect all penetrations through cladding and roof

  • Inspect the condition of exterior stairs, balconies, verandas, and patios

  • Look for pest infestation, rotting timbers, debris

  • Check all exterior joinery functions and apply hardware lubricant



  • Check all interior doors functions, apply lubricant if required

  • Inspect all interior cabinetry (kitchens) functions and adjust if minor and apply lubricants to hardware if required

  • Inspect showers, tiles, and all wet area sealants.

  • Look for stress cracks in the interior linings and signs of moisture ingress

  • Check plumbing & electrical functions, electrical operation of switches and lighting, heating systems and filters

  • Roof space - roof frame construction & connections, ceiling construction, obvious structural alteration, insect & pest infestation, discharges into roof space and insulation

  • Check for operational fire alarms


how much does a Home wof cost?

Full Home WOF Residential Building Inspection.

  • 2 or 3 Bed single level dwelling  $549.00

  • 2 storey dwelling up to 300m2  $649.00

  • 2 storeys dwelling 300m2  $699.00

  • 3 storey dwelling $799.00

Basic Home WOF Residential Building Inspection.

General maintenance requested whilst on site and not covered by Home WOF inspection is charged at  $69.00 + GST per hour. All other repairs and maintenance costs will be priced separately.

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