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Renovating your kitchen - Where to start...

First things first, why are you wanting to renovate? Do you want to Reno the kitchen to sell your home or refresh it for you and yours to enjoy for years to come?

If you're planing to sell…

If it’s for sale then carefully considering budget, function and finish to ensure you don’t over capitalise but achieve the “wow” factor is critical to realising value…as they say kitchens sell houses so it’s important to work to a budget and remain focussed on the finished look!

Research suggests that a good return example is at least double what you spend on it for key rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Eg: Spending $5000 on a kitchen renovation should ideally result in a $10,000 increase in your homes value.

Selling a home you have to consider how others would want to use the kitchen.

Who is the target audience for your home? A bachelor will have different needs to a professional couple or family. Knowing who the main users of the home/ kitchen are likely to be will help with the overall design and layout and your brief when you meet with Call Jack's kitchen team.

Renovating for you and yours…

If you are renovating for yourself you can get more specific and address the functional niggles directly and develop your design aesthetic to suit your taste. Things to think about…Are there any key issues you are trying to resolve? Lack of storage? Connection with the living or entertaining space? Flow from oven to bench? Not utilising space well? Integration with the rest of the house? By highlighting these issues in advance you will actually address them and not find yourself still stuck with the same pains in the new kitchen.

Do you have any non negotiables? Do you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE the double door fridge or oven at eye level? Do you NEED the sink by the window? When you meet with the Call Jack team we’ll guide you through the process but it’s important to think about the things that will make the biggest difference to your day to day lifestyle. Use a Pinterest board to get your design look together and organise your board into areas of importance.

The budget is the toughest step to nail especially when it’s for yourself. It’s so easy to get carried away so it's important to carefully consider each aspect of the renovation. Talk through your budget with us and we can advise how your budget lines up with your expectations for your renovation.

The best part is our experienced and qualified team can ensure your renovation project runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Call Jack today 07 571 0637


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