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Renovation Blowouts | How To Avoid Blowing Out Your Home Renovation Budget

Want to avoid a renovation budget blow out? Wether you're adding another bedroom, doing a kitchen makeover or giving your bathroom an updo our 6 top tips will ensure your family home, nest egg or investment property renovation project pays for itself in the long run.

1. Phase one | Stick To The Plan

The devil really is in the detail when it comes to renovating so you need to plan carefully. Go over your conceptual plans with the Call Jack renovations team who can help you identify any hot spots that might cause your budget to blow out. Don’t be disappointed if they point out problems with your conceptual plans because they’ll have solutions and fresh ideas around what could look and work even better if they need to.

Planning and preparation ensures everyone is on the same page before it comes time for your renovation project to kick off.

2. Always choose qualified builders & tradies

If you’ve ever watched one of those nightmare cowboy builders programmes you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Using the Call Jack experienced and highly skilled qualified builders and tradies gives you the confidence you need that the job will be done right, on time and on budget.

3. Knowledge is Power

Ensure you have at least the basic understanding around the essentials of renovating because it’s easy to get carried away and excited as new ideas come to mind that add up. Listen to the advice from your Call Jack renovations team who will know what renovations need permits and what doesn’t. The Call Jack team will advise if consents or any consultants are required to meet building regulations and assist you throughout this process. When it comes time to sell you want to make sure you’ve added value not the other way around.

4. The Just In Case Bucket

Rule of thumb in the building trade is you should set aside at least a 10% contingency fee. Sometimes hidden surprises do pop up when least expected like worn out pipes, rotten wiring etc so if you have a contingency set aside this means less stress and worry for you. Another way around avoiding nasty surprises is to get a Call Jack Home WOF before you even start which covers off the overall condition of your home (find out more about this here).

5. Loud & Clear

Communication is key so make sure you understand what your renovation project involves. Ask questions at every stage of the project if you’re unsure. From planning to materials to the range of subbies required for your project there is never a silly question in our book. Your Call Jack renovation team will explain and advise every step of the way. Remember if you’re unsure about something; speak up sooner rather than later.

6. Ask Around

Referrals and word of mouth are like gold when it comes to building and renovating. To avoid a budget blow out talk to others about what their renovating experiences have been like. They’ll be only too happy to share their own stories (good and bad). At Call Jack we have a great brag book of past clients and their projects so feel free to ask us for some past clients to contact.


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